West Norwich Partnership

The West Norwich Partnership is a newly established partnership of organisations based in the west of Norwich, predominantly in NR5, who provide essential services, activities and events to locals in the area. We, as West Norwich Helping Hands, are proud to join such a union of established organisations and community leaders, and as a ‘junior’ member of this partnership we hope to learn from the best in the field, and to provide the best service we can together to the community that we serve.

If you would like to find out more about the organisations within this partnership then please click on their logo below.

Love Your Neighbour is a nation-wide response to the pandemic led by numerous organisations, charities and volunteer groups from around the country. The core values of this movement are one that we support as it falls in line with #no1leftbehind, and are proud to be a part of. In our little corner of the UK, with the rest of the West Norwich Partnership, we have been able to directly and indirectly serve our community with food parcels, educational activity packs, fun events, emotional support and signposting to partnering charities and organisations.

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