Request for Translation

“A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.” (Steve Maraboli)

As part of the No Longer Strangers project, we have created the Translators Hub. This team of volunteers deidicate their time to breaking down language barriers and help those who are struggling with English. 

Our volunteers are willing to help out with whatever you may need, be that applying for schools or translating documents. Below you will find our English version of the reuqest for translation form. 

*Please note that your personal data is stored on our system for the duration of the request. As requests can be recurring events we will retain your personal data provided until you decide to not use our service.*

Please describe what you need translating, or what you need assistance with.
This is a list of languages which our team currently covers. Please keep in mind that some of our volunteers work remotely and - as an organisation - WNHH has strict social distancing guidelines.
We will try our hardest to recruit a volunteer who can help you as soon as possible, but please keep in mind this may not always be possible.