Here at West Norwich Helping Hands we pride ourselves in volunteering time to help all those in needs, and by doing so we need volunteers who are able to perform a multitude of roles. 

If you are interested in volunteering then please on a role below to find out more.

A term popularised by ‘The Walking Dead’ for someone who performs ‘runs’ to retrieve medicines and other essential items, a Runner is the bedrock of the West Norwich Helping Hands operation.

A Runner will pick up a request from a Coordinator, and the Runner will then collect the item requested by someone in need. As a Runner myself (Chris) I find this role extremely fulfilling, and a great way to help people directly.
A driver is an individual who will collect food parcels from a distributions centre, and deliver (accompanied with a drivers delivery list) to vulnerable individuals or households in need of assistance.
A number of our volunteers are Runners as well as Drivers, and the role itself is another way to meet people, and help others directly.
Nothing would get done without the help from volunteer parcel sorters. These key players help with prepare and sorting parcels for both collection and delivery.
The role is a great way to help people directly, as well as making new friends. 
A hugely fulfilling role that you can do from the comfort of your house or out-and-about. A ‘Phone Handler’ will receive phone calls from individuals in need of help, and relay the message back to an active runner who will then fulfil the request.

A rota system and training is in place for all phone handlers with the backing of several of our more established partners who will offer advice, support and the ability to signpost directly to a professional.
The backroom volunteers within the whole operation. An admin volunteer will work directly with partners to source donations, handle recruitment of new volunteers, project-queries and management, and handle the everyday goings on within the departments of West Norwich Helping Hands. 

All active admin volunteers are DBS trained and work remotely. We can offer DBS checks for those who are interested in volunteering.

If any of these roles interest you, and you would like to volunteer your time to help others in the west of Norwich, then please click on one of the shown below to go to the application form.

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